Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

Students, members of the Teaching and Administrative staff have a free access to all resources in the institution with the consent of the Principal. The academic infrastructure include Library, Seminar Hall,Auditorium,  LCD Projectors and Computer Lab. The administration and maintenance of the resources rest with the concerned authority as decided in the council meeting. The use of the Library facility and Computer lab  is based on the Policies framed by the Institution from  time to time. The sports training regularly take place and the students are encouraged to take part in the all events.

Sree Vivekananda College Library
Kizhur P.O , Kunnamkulam Pin 680523
Phone:  Office   04885 222477
Library 04885 222660


1. It is obligatory for all the students to become members of the College library.

2. Library Catalogue is available in the library.

3. The library is divided into two sections: General and Reference

4. The library is closed on holidays.

5. Books will not be allowed to be taken home from the Reference section. They will be issued for use in library room during working hours. The use and issue of books from the general section shall be governed by the following rules:

a) A student requiring a library book should fill up the application form and give it to the Librarian. The Librarian will then issue the book and retain the application form until the book is returned. A student when he returns the book may get back the application form. As long as the application form remains in the possession of the Librarian, the student will be held responsible for the book.

b) Students must examine on receiving the books and report to the Librarian any damage found therein. If they fail to do so they will be held responsible for the damage found on returning the book.

c) To avoid disappointment the titles of more than one book may be entered on the application form as alternatives in the order in which they are preferred.

d) Students are allowed to take two books at a time. Post Graduate students may take at most 5 books at a time. The Librarian will see that one copy of the important books is always in the library for reference of students and teachers.

e) Books may be kept for a fortnight, as a general rule, but this period may be shortened, in particular cases.


The Library remains open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. without interval. Current issues of various journals received by the college and daily newspapers will be kept in the library during the hours mentioned above.

Students should maintain absolute silence in the Library. They should not remove any journal or newspaper from the Library, tear off pages or pictures or deface the journal in any manner whatsoever.

Library books will be issued on all week days. The library is sub-divided in to:

(a) Reference Library (b) Lending Library (c) Periodical Library.

The issue of books from the lending library will be governed by the following rules.


A. membership and Borrowing Rights

1. The membership of the library is open to all staff and students of the college.

2. Books will be issued from Monday to Friday between 9.30 a.m. to 3.30pm.

3. The Teachers are privileged borrow 4 books at a time and the

total number of books in their possession shall not exceed 5.

4. Members of Non-Teaching staff can borrow 2 books at a time

5. The books shall be returned within a period of 14 days from the date of issue.

6. Degree and Post-graduate students can borrow 3 books and 5 books respectively. These shall be returned within a period of 14 days from the date of issue.

7. If a reader fails to return the book on the due date, an overdue charge of Re. 1/- per day will be charged.

8. If the due date falls on a college holiday the book may be returned on the following working

day without fine.

9. In reckoning fines, intervening holidays are not exempted.

10. Absence or illness is no excuse for delay in return of books.

11. If there is no call for it, books may be reissued after the loan period, at the discretion of the Librarian.

12. The Librarian can recall any book on loan, if it is required in the library urgently even if it is not due for return.

13. At the end of the course students shall surrender all tickets and return all books borrowed from the library on the day notified by the Librarian.

14. Members of staff proceeding on long leave/deputation or transferred to Sree Kerala Varma College shall return all books borrowed from the library.

15. Sending reminders is not obligatory for the Library

16. No reader shall take a book for journal or any other material out of the library without having it properly issued to him.

B. Restricted Section

1. Reference / Consultation books and periodicals shall not be lent out of the library.

2. Every reader using the reference section of the library shall return the books consulted to the Library Assistant at the reference section, before leaving the library.

3. Staff of the library working in reference section will assist readers in locating information and sources on the subject of their stduy.

4. Reader in possession of periodicals, reference books etc. should pass them on to any other reader who may require using them when such a request is made through any of the library staff members.

5. If a reader wants any pages of a book/periodical to be photocopied he should contact the Librarian/ Library Assistant for permission.

C. Cost of Damaged /Lost books

1. If any book is damaged or lost by the borrower he/she shall either replace it or pay the cost. In case of replacement, the book shall be of the same or later edition.

2. The price of rare/out of print book will be determined by the competent authority and it shall be paid by the person responsible for the damage or loss of the book.

3. If a volume from a multi volume set is lost or damaged the price of the whole set will be charged, unless the volume of the set lost can be obtained separately, in which case the cost of the particular volume alone will be recovered.

D. General Instructions

1. Every reader entering the Library should sign the visitors register kept for the purpose at the entrance gate of the library. They are also required to show, on demand, their identity cards to the Library Assistant at the entrance.

2. Personal books are not allowed in the library.

3. Readers are not allowed to take their belongings inside the library.

4. All articles being taken out of the library are subject to inspection at the exit gate.

5. It is the responsibility of the borrowers to keep their identity card in safe custody. If it is lost, it should be reported immediately to the college office. Duplicate identity card will be issued within a period prescribed by the Office on payment of Rs. 35/-

6. Writing or making any kind of mark in the books/periodicals is forbidden.

7. Cutting or tearing of any photo or page from any publication is prohibited.

8. Students must on receiving books examine them and report to the librarian any damage found therein. If they fail to do so they will be held responsible for the damage found on returning the book.

9. All complaints and suggestions should be made writing to the librarian.

10. Students are not allowed to pass book from one to another or lend them to any one in or outside the College. In such case they will be fined or suspended from membership.

11. A student failing to return the book within the prescribed time will have to pay a fine of Re. 1/- per day (including holidays). The book is detained and he will be suspended from membership till the fine is paid.

12. The returned book will be examined by the Library Assistant at the counter, and if there is any damage he must report it to the Librarian.

13. If a book is damaged, lost or spoiled the member will have either to pay for it or supply the Library with a new copy according to the decision of the Librarian.

14. Strict silence must be observed in the library and its immediate precincts.

15. At the end of each term all books must be returned three days before the close of the term. In the case of students appearing for University examination, they should return the books three days before the last working day.

16. Books not exceeding two may be taken out for the Onam or Christmas holidays; all such books should be returned within three days after the re opening.

17. Members are forbidden to remove any content of any newspaper or magazine from the reading room.


Every student of the college will be issued an identity card on enrollment to which he/she shall affix passport size photograph. The student should bring the identity card every day to college. No duplicate identity card will be issued unless the Principal is personally satisfied that the original is lost. The fine for the issue of duplicate card will be decided by the Principal. Application for the issue of duplicate card should be recommended by the Tutor.





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