National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Community Service Programme sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Govt. of India. The NSS unit of this college functions with the following aims and objectives:


To create social conscience among the students and to provide him/her

    1. to work with/among people;
    2. to engage in creative and constructive social action;
    3. to enhance his/her knowledge of himself/herself and the community;
    4. to put his/her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the problems;
    5. to gain skill in programme development to democratic leadership;
    6. to gain skill in programme development to enable him/her for self-employment;
    7. to bridge the gap between the educated and the uneducated masses; and
    8. to promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community.


A student enrolled in NSS is expected to put in at least 120 hours of social service in an academic year and shall be entitled to get a certificate from the University/ College/ Institution on completion of 2 years term i.e. 240 hours including 10 days special camp.

N.S.S Coordinator

Dr. Manju M Nair

Asst. Prof, Department of Hindi

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